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Here you can find all the answers about locks and lock problems. Short answers to common questions! Valuable information to those interested to learn more about locks, ways to deal with key problems and methods to keep properties well-secured.

How to remove a broken key from the lock?

Due to wear and tear, keys can break while inside a lock. It can be removed by a number of ways. If a bit of the key is sticking out, use needle-nose pliers to pull it out. If this is not possible, try using the superglue method. Apply a tiny amount of superglue using a toothpick on the broken edge. Insert the broken head so it comes together with the stuck part.

My duplicate key doesn’t work. What should I do?

If you have had your key duplicated and you find out that it doesn’t work, you have two options. According to the experts at Locksmith Poway, you can either have it fixed, or have it duplicated again.

Should I install a safe at home?

Safe installation is very convenient for homeowners who keep valuables at home. Intruders are usually after jewelry, money and small devices that can be carried easily. You can keep these things secure in a safe and remember to install the safe in the wall. Otherwise, they will just get the whole thing and open it later.

How can I make savings on my locks?

It is not even worth trying to save money on the actual raw materials which are the locks. However, you may have some leeway with the labor. The most important thing is that you get quality products in order to get functionality.

Can you also fix car ignitions?

Yes! We have professional auto locksmiths on our team, and they can work on various car models. If your key got stuck inside the ignition or simply won't turn, don't fight it as the key or the ignition might break. Call us and we will have it safely and professionally taken care of.

I’ve lost my car keys and have heard that a locksmith can cut me a new one. Is this true?

Yes, this is true. Professional auto locksmiths can cut keys for most models of cars. They’re also equipped to offer other services too, like replacing or repairing damaged car locks. Usually this service will be at a much cheaper cost than going to a car dealership. In addition, car locksmiths usually offer 24/7 availability, which helps a lot in an emergency situation.

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